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17/11/19 Madelaine Lahaye Hall

Maison de la Culture L'île-Bizard-Sainte-Geneviève

With Leaf


20/10/19 Merricksvilles Jazz Festival

The goose and Gridiron Restaurant and Pub

With Leaf


01/01/19 Rimouski international Jazz Festival

Bistro Cafe - Anse-Aux-Coques, Sainte-Luce

With Leaf


31/08/19 Rimouski international Jazz Festival

Audace Hydro-Québec Scene

With Leaf

08/08/19 Place d'Armes Music Zone

With Leaf


02/08/19 Mont-Tremblant Jazz Festival

Ital Delli

Duo with Frédéric Alarie


02/08/19 Mont-Tremblant Jazz Festival

Soleil Plus

Duo with frédéric Alarie


09/04/19 Upstairs Jazz Bar & Grill

Tribute to Pat Metheny et John Scofield

Marco Vézina, Sebastien Pellerin, Thomas Sauvé Lafrance


02/04/19 Upstairs Jazz Bar & Grill

Tribute to Lonnie Smith

Michel Medrano Brindis, Olivier Salazar


24/02/19 Oratoire Saint-Joseph

Tim Brady

Bach, Brady Beatles - 150 guitars


02/08/18 Festi Jazz Mont-Tremblant



13/09/17 Upstairs (Album Launch)



04/08/17 Saint-Louis Restaurent

(Festi-Jazz de Mont-Tremblant)

Frédéric Alarie


09/05/17 L’escalier
With Charles Colizza

07/05/17 O Noir
With Marco Vézina, Maude Bastien

25/04/17 L’escalier
With Mike Gauthier, Jean Cyr

23/04/17 O Noir
With Marco Vézina, Maude Bastien


15/04/17 Fibo Resto Loft

With Mikhaëlle Salazar

11/04/17 L’escalier
With Mike Gauthier, Jean Cyr

09/04/17 Complexe Desjardins
With Instrument of Happiness - 100 guitars (celebrating Jimi Hendrix)

28/03/17 Upstairs Jazz Bar Grill
With Simon Denizart

02/02/17 Cafe Galerie Art Lounge
With Leaf

20/01/17 Generation C Casa Del popolo
With Ariane Laniel and Léa Jarry

17/01/17 L’escalier
With Gabriel Genest, Levi Dover

03/11/16 Robin des Bois
With Gabriel Genest and Samuel Brassard

22/10/16 Auberge Prema Shanti (Val-David)
With Eric Kappauf and Dave Croteau

06/08/16 Restaurent Le Saint-Louis (Festi Jazz de Mont-Tremblant)
With Gabriel Forget

04/08/16 Hôtel Mont-Tremblant (Festi Jazz de Mont-Tremblant)
With Éric Kappauf and Dave Croteau

03/08/16 Hôtel Mont-Tremblant (Festi Jazz de Mont-Tremblant)
With Éric Kappauf, Dave Croteau

02/08/16 ETOH
With Leaf

21/05/16 Nominingue Church (Classical concert)
With Louise Sanche

10/05/16 Upstairs Jazz Bar Grill
With Simon Denizart


21/04/16 Lagabiere (Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu)

With Aimé Duquet

09/04/16 Gesù
With Instrument of Happiness-100 Guitares

09/03/16 Grumpy's Jazz jam session
With Antoine ferron and Guillaume Pilote

13/01/16 Bleury Bar (Jazz Composers series)
With Gentiane MG, Philippe Leduc, Aaron Dolman and Adam Hébert

01/10/15 Robin Des Bois
With Simon Bellemare, Jeanne Corpataux-Blache, Gabriel Genest

19/09/15 La Place Commune
With Joseph Blais, Michael Marcotte, Adam Hébert

06/09/15 Festival International de Jazz de Rimouski (Vitrine sur la relève)
With Leaf

04/09/15 Restaurant La Réserve Bistro (Festival International de Jazz de Rimouski)
With Leaf

28/08/15 Plan B Moncton
With Leaf

18/08/15 Resonance Cafe
With Leaf + Simon Denizart Trio

05/08/15 Bleury Bar
With Leaf + Luc Hermann Group

06/07/15 Wins the public prize of the competition "La musique Change des vies"

26/07/15 Société Arts et Culture de Saint-Placide
With Leaf

07/04/15 Complexe Desjardins
With Instruments of Happiness - 100 guitars (in honour of Les Paul)

18/02/15 Bar Les Pas Sages
With Leaf + Feel Burned

06/01/15 Diese Onze
With Rivo Rabeson, Maude Bastien, Jeanne Corpataux-Blache

30/12/14 Diese Onze
With Alix Tucou, Simon Bellemare, Jeanne Corpataux-Blache, Simon Denizart

03/11/14 Resonance Cafe
With Leaf

02/10/14 Bleury Bar (Jazz Composers Series)
With Olivier Babaz, Rachel Therrien, Alex Truelove, Mark Nelson

04/09/14 Lagabière (Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu)
With Simon Denizart

21/08/14 Bleury Bar
With Leaf

18/08/14 Le Saint-Graal (Sainte-Thérèse)
With Vincent P. Ravary, Jonathan Arseneau, Alex Dodier

24/06/14 Diese Onze
With Vincent Compagna, Maude Bastien, Mihai Ionescu

05/05/14 Casa Del Popolo
With Leaf + Archipel + Heart of a Dog

11/04/14 Diese Onze
with Geneviève Morasse, Rivo Rabeson, Alexandre Goulet, Maude Bastien

26/11/13 Diese Onze
With Genevieve Morasse, Rivo Rabeson, Maude Bastien, Alexandre Goulet, Alexandre Bichut

29/10/13 Diese Onze
With Antoine Pelegrin, Etienne Mason

16/10/13 Fibo Resto Loft
With Jonathan Arseneau

20/08/13 Diese Onze
With Rivo rabeson, Gabriel Forget, Simon Bellemare

08/08/13 Festi Jazz de Mont-Tremblant
With Olivier Grenier Bedard Quartet

01/07/13 Montreal International Jazz Festival (CBC Radio Canada scene)
With Jo-Annie Bourdeau, Alex Dodier, Dave Croteau, Éric Kappauf

11/06/13 Diese Onze
With Éric kappauf, Gabriel Forget, Dave Croteau

11/04/13 Diese Onze (Pat Metheny Tribute)
With Vincent Lachaîne, Philippe Savard, Jonathan Arseneau,

26/02/13 Diese Onze
With Gabriel Forget, Dave Croteau

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